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The Community Development Clinic (CDC) offers services to small businesses, non-profits and local government in the SouthCoast of Massachusetts.




-Drafting Corporate Documents

We work closely with our clients to understand business objectives and to organize their business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, C-Corp, S-Corp, or limited liability company (LLC). The CDC is also available to help clients meet requirements for registering as a non-profit organization.


-Conducting Legal Audits

The CDC can help you “stress test” your small business or non-profit, helping to identify legal holes or weaknesses. This is a preventative measure meant to help small business owners and non-profit directors avoid costly mistakes.


-Board Role & Responsibilities

The CDC is available to make presentations to boards of non-profit organizations, advising them in their roles as fiduciaries.


-Preparing State and Federal Filings

We work with clients to understand federal and state filing obligations, and to prepare routine returns and filings.


-Researching Legal Issues

Small businesses drive the economy. The CDC is committed to researching legal issues and policy in an evolving legal system.


-Reviewing Contracts

The CDC helps clients review business agreements. We read contracts line-by-line to analyze its function and fairness.




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