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November, 2022

  1. Student Fellows Conduct Cutting Edge Legal Research for Clients

    November 30, 2022 by lowens

    Photo: (L) Nicole Egan, (R) Mike Masci

    Fellows at the Community Development Clinic have conducted more than 130 hours of research and client service in cutting-edge areas of law. When Nicole Egan and Mike Masci began the semester, their client presented with a complex set of legal needs. In order to fully address client needs, Egan and Masci engaged in substantive legal research which included topics recently litigated as first impression cases, Municipal Law, and complex property transactions. In light of this research, Egan and Masci were able to craft contractual language which addressed client concerns.

  2. CDC Fellows Working in Complex Transactions

    November 2, 2022 by lowens

    From Left: Fall 2022 CDC Fellows Alejandra Spruill and Stephanie Sabino

    Alejandra Spruill and Stephanie Sabino have worked in complex transactions this semester. As Community Development Clinic Fellows, they will have spent around 130 hours drafting transactional documents, negotiating mergers, completing due diligence and meeting with stakeholders. A huge round of applause for these two talented fellows.

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